Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Blake Makes

Blake Makes

I was one of the lucky few (right around 40, I think) who got these adorable jars in the mail last week. If you're not familiar with Blake Makes, go take a gander at his site. He's putting together a group of food bloggers (code name Soopz) who will receive products in the mail to review. He also is playing around with making fun flavors of dulce de leche, and he's giving away samples to the lucky few who make the cutoff. Last week was the second round of giving away peanut butter dulce du leche (PBDDL).

When I got my package in the mail, I had just enough time to squee at the fantastic packaging before I ripped that baby open. There was one fleeting moment when I thought that I should take pictures of the box, but that pretty much got lost as I danced around the living room with the two wee jars. (Seriously. The Man husband thought I'd lost my everloving mind. He still has next to no idea what the hell I was babbling about or why it was a cause for dancing or giggling.) (In my own defense, whenever I get something tangible from this amorphous electronic waste-of-time, I pretty much have the same reaction. Except the cuteness of the whole package topped with the small jars pushed me into overdrive. Miniature anything just makes me happy. And yep, I fully realize the direction that could go. Heh.)

Middle Layer

ANYWAY. The Cold That Wouldn't Die (henceforth abbreviated as CTWD) has sapped me of all but the basic brain wave patterns, so I was at a loss for ways to use my precious supply. Since this weeks TWD recipe used dulce du leche, it seemed like an excellent fit. I made the executive decision to use the PBDDL in one corner by itself to get a good idea of the taste (you can see the PBDDL in the lower right hand corner). I toyed with putting down a layer of the PBDDL and then covering it with regular DDL, but I was afraid the flavor would get lost.

I'd love to give a review of how this worked in the Snickery Squares, but the CTWD ensured that I forgot to mark which corner of the pan it was in. So when we tried the squares, I cut the opposite corner. Whoops! I'll give an update when I manage to get the rest cut up to bring into work.


I can say that this stuff was good enough that I briefly considered licking the remnants out of the jar. As it was, I spent a good chunk of time swiping it out with my finger. If I'd tried it before making the Snickery Squares, I think I'd have just set those bad boys aside for a two person dipping party. (Heh. That is to say, I'd have put together a tray of various dippers like apples, shortbread cookies, bananas, etc to sample. I think those with apples would make a nice little dessert. You'd probably have to thin the PBDDL a little for optimum dipping.)


slush said...

Looks great!

carrie said...

Your squares look great... and what a pretty plate you put them on!

Amy said...

Yours looks great.

Mark Boxshus "Cookie Doctor" said...

Good Morning

Just wanted to stop by and introduce myself. I am "very" new at this whole blogging thing, and despite that fact, I was also one of the winners of the Sucre give away contest sponsored by BlakeMakes. So, I decided to stop by, visit your blog and wish you continued success. Hopefully someday my blog will approach the level of professionalism exhibited here. AND.....yes I need to get a camera......and FAST!



Dolores said...

Great minds think alike! I made a very thin 'fourth layer' with Blake's amazing peanut buttery goodness. Now I just need to find the time to write the post... :)

Jhianna said...

Slush, Carrie, Amy: Thanks guys!

Mark: Welcome to the blogosphere! Aw shucks, thanks for the compliment. (And seriously? You think this is professional?) A camera is a definite. I'm doing some research on a better one. If I'm going to continue to do this, I need to be able to get better closeups. :)

Dolores: Mmmm, that was tasty stuff, wasn't it?