Thursday, March 13, 2008

Blake Makes Giveaway: Sucré

Sucré Mosaic

I was one of the lucky lottery winners over on Blake Makes for a sample box of Sucré chocolates.

The box arrived today, and I wasted no time ripping that baby open. Gorgeous packaging, complete with a cold pack to help the chocolate arrive fresh.

As you can see, the chocolates arrived a little banged up from shipping, but who can hold that against them? A thousand mile plus voyage can be rough on even the hardiest of us sweet confections, am I right?

(For a picture with names and descriptions of each of the pieces, click here.)

The first piece I tried was the Lemon Confit - a dark chocolate ganache with candied lemon. The lovely shape and bright yellow stripes called to me, even though candied lemon in chocolate usually isn't one of my favorites. From the first bite, I was in love. The dark chocolate is set off by the bitter and sweet lemon in such a way as to wake up every taste bud you have.

Piece after piece was an adventure. Unlike some other high end chocolates that I've tried, each description represented the actual chocolates received perfectly. Every one was delicious, but as in all things, some knocked my socks off while others just... didn't.

My three favorites were the Meuniere (brown butter infused white chocolate ganache - called Saints on the Sucré website), the Lemon Confit, and the Avery (caramel and milk chocolate ganache enhanced with salt).

Bill's favorites were also the Meuniere and Avery as well as the Sucré Dark (just like the name suggests, dark chocolate).

I have to say though, some of the salt from the Avery had migrated onto the Meuniere and it made the piece divine. We both thought it was supposed to be that way. I'll have to check the small remainder piece tomorrow sans salt to see if I like it as well.

All in all, Sucré offers a fantastic array of delicious chocolates, well worth remembering for gifts, special occasions, or even just when you want/need a bit of pampering.


amanda. said...

You lucky dog! I wanted to win one so badly! I'm glad you enjoyed them though.

Engineer Baker said...

All of them sound amazing, and make me wish I hadn't forgotten about the giveaway :( Glad you liked them!

Erin said...

I won the chocolates, too, and agree they were quite tasty! Your blog is great... I love all the cake pictures you have. I'm more of a cook than a baker, so I always enjoy seeing what other people manage to bake.

Jhianna said...

Amanda: I'm loving all the giveaways, and I'm sure you'll get one soon!

Engineer Baker: Doh! Next time!

Erin: Thank you! Glad you liked them too!