Tuesday, August 19, 2008

TWD: Granola Grabbers


Recipe chosen by: Michelle of Bad Girl Baking
Link to TWD group: Tuesdays With Dorie homepage

Good cookie, but I don't think I'd call it great. It's probably a great after school snack like Dorie describes in the preword, but I don't have a need for that. When I want a cookie, I want a chocolate chip or oatmeal cookie, ya know?

Maybe a little bit of spice would oomph it up a little more - although that could have been a result of the granola I chose?

I don't think I'll experiment with these either - it just calls for too many things that I don't regularly keep stocked in the pantry.

Interesting choice though, thanks Michelle! Head to Bad Girl Baking for the recipe and don't forget to check out the rest of the TWD crew to see how they liked this week's recipe.

(Sorry for the brief post, on vacation :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

TWD: Blueberry Sour Cream Ice Cream

Recipe chosen by: Dolores of Chronicles in Culinary Curiosity
Link to TWD group: Tuesdays With Dorie homepage

When I saw this week's recipe, I was excited. We bought a Cuisinart ice cream maker a couple of years ago, but haven't really gotten much use out of it so far. I tried a few of the recipes from the book, but nothing that really gave up that "Wooo!" - know what I mean?

I wasn't entirely sure about the blueberry part of it though. I was completely surprised back a few weeks ago when I turned out to love the Double Crusted Blueberry Pie, but I thought that might be a fluke. Turns out, I loved the blueberry part of it and I'm not too sure about the sour cream. The syrup tasted like the pie, and I loved it. The tang from the sour cream seems to almost overpower the berries.

But I'm going to love trying different sour cream recipes and maybe tweaking this blueberry recipe a bit later. A big thanks to Dolores for picking a great recipe, and don't forget to check out the rest of the TWD crew.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

TWD: The Black and White Banana Bread


Recipe chosen by: Ashlee of A Year in the Kitchen
Link to TWD group: Tuesdays With Dorie homepage

Alternate title of this post: How to Do Absolutely Everything Wrong and Still Succeed (Thank You Dorie!)

Okay now, here's how it goes:

Completely forget to buy bananas early enough that they're ripe when you want to make banana bread. CHECK!

DSC00944One of the tips on line to rapidly ripen bananas was a brown paper bag with ventilation holes placed on top of the fridge.

(Didn't work...)

DSC00940But I found another tip to put the bananas in the oven as it preheats - for about 15 minutes. Something about the skins blackening and the flavors and sugars concentrating.

(That one totally worked. Wasn't as great as a so-ripe-it's-black-on-the-outside banana, but it'll work in a pinch.)

Next on the bungle the recipe plan? Forget to put the butter out to soften until juuuuust about the time you need to start it. CHECK!

One of the best parts of a 23 day record heat wave? Insta-butter softening!

(Okay, so not quite instant. But by the time I'd measured and chopped everything else, the butter was almost too soft. Way to provide the assist Mother Nature!)

Right, so this is just going swimmingly, huh? So what's next? I know, I know! How about burning yourself on the napalm hot banana as you're trying to get it out of the skin and dropping it into the bowl splattering rum and lemon juice all over everything? CHECK!


This one is so totally my favorite. Check out the splatters up the side of the bowl - and on the measuring cup. Now imagine that over the rest of the counter and even the book. Awesome - lemony yet rummy at the same time!

After that, things worked out a little better. Mash and mix and melt and fold.

Banana Bread Mosaic

DSC00957And that's right about when I got all confident and let my guard down.

(Bad, bad idea. *sigh*)

I didn't get the whole "drop alternating spoonfuls" instruction so I went with something part way between that and the other technique with rows.

DSC00958All was good until I got to that second row. I was worried about making the chocolate portion stretch since I'd messed up dividing the batter.

So next? Next, drop a spoonful of the chocolate smack dab on top of the "white" spoonful you just dropped, then try to fix it and manage to glop everything up until it starts to look like mud. CHECK!

And for the crowning achievement? How about missing a huge section of the pan when you're greasing it so the bread breaks all to pieces when it's removed? CHECK!


For all the messups and ugly result, this is one amazing recipe. The flavors are fantastic, and the marbling (on the good side at least) was sharp and attractive. If it came out this great when I was mucking about at the helm, I can only imagine how everyone else managed. Check out A Year in the Kitchen for the recipe and the TWD group to see the other results.

Thanks Ashlee for picking an awesome recipe!