Tuesday, May 27, 2008

TWD: Pecan Honey Sticky Buns

DSC00404Another Tuesday and another midnight baking spree. One of these days, I'll figure out how to plan for this (and have it actually work :). I was all set to make these for our Memorial Day BBQ. I'd prepped the dough the day before, and figured there would be a lull at some point to put the buns together. That way, I'd have a house full of people to eat them and less of a chance of throwing half of them away or even worse, eating them ourselves!

Yeah, best laid plans and all that jazz. I ended up starting them around 8pm and pulled them out of the oven around 11:30pm. Plus, I had an audience the whole time I was putting them together. Oy - my dough rolling skills aren't pretty people! I think I got all the measurements right, but I must have read them a dozen times per section because I'd forget something from one side of the kitchen to the other. (Was that Tablespoon or teaspoon. There's no way that's Tablespoon of cinnamon! Wait, one or three?)

DSC00401Let's go back a day. Take a look at the picture on the left. Notice anything weird? Yeah that little dohicky sticking out the side. I was babysitting my dancing KA while it worked the dough when I happened to look back and see this piece working it's way to freedom. (I let it work out this far for a picture, but it was probably twice that when I noticed it the first time.) I don't know what would have happened if it had kept going, but how scary is that?

DSC00410The dough went together as smooth this time as last (ignoring that pesky dohicky), and all the elements of the buns were quick and easy too. The only slight glitch (besides the audience - I don't know how Rachael Ray does it) was the baking time. All the yeasty recipes for TWD end up way too brown if I leave them in for the recipe time. So I checked these with time to spare (maybe 5 minutes, maybe 10 minutes - it was late! I can't be expected to remember times this late!!) and took them out because they looked done. (Seriously, don't those look done?)

Turns out they were not quite done in the middle and the whole thing fell about a minute after I got the pictures taken. Still taste awesome, but next time I'll know to put foil on them and cook for the full time. (I remembered to do that for the brioche loaf and it came out perfect. Argh!)

I'm still amazed that pan of messy gooeyness turned into such a beautiful sticky bun. I love that now I know how to make such an impressive dessert/breakfast dish!

Many thanks to Madam Chow of Madam Chow's Kitchen for picking this sticky, ooey, gooey treat!




ostwestwind said...

Glad to read that I am not the only one, who let the stick come out of the KA. But the KA is a survivor.

The result looks great!
Ulrike from K├╝chenlatein

Engineer Baker said...

Yikes! Self destructing KA!

And beautiful buns!

Di said...

I had the same problem with the buns in the middle not being done. I'm crazy, though, and I managed to put them back in the pan so I could bake them longer (with foil over the top, since the were already pretty brown there). Yours look great!

Jess said...

Mine were also golden brown way before the specified time was up, but with all the gooey syrup I couldn't tell if they were undercooked in the middle! But yours look delicious.

Anonymous said...

Poor KA! Brioche douhg seems to be a real work out for a lot of them. An audience always makes me mess up too, but usually because I run my mouth so much that I forget what I'm putting in the recipe! Yours look tasty!

Christine said...

Hopefully your KA is back to normal! That didn't happen to me but I thought it was going to overheat from the dough. Great buns!

LyB said...

That is an impressive dish alright! Looks delicious!

Andrea said...

The first time my pin came out of my KA, I freaked out. I thought it was broken forever. I only cooked a half batch so I didn't have the undercooked centre.
Looks great though.

Jules Someone said...

Mmmmm. Those look yummy!

Anonymous said...

The buns look great, late in the evening or early in the morning! ;-)

What's with the dohicky!?
*runs to inspect own KA*

April said...

MMMM, they look so good!

Bumblebutton said...

Yikes! Did you call KA? If you want a kinder dough recipe, you could check out my posting for this week--not so taxing. Great job!

mimi said...

my brioche goodies also browned up way faster than i expected, but a toasty brioche is still delish! your sticky buns look great, maybe late night baking is your thing! :)

Madam Chow said...

Great photos - they look terrific!

Karina said...

I think I do my best baking at midnight! Unfortunately, I don't do my best dish washing that late, so I try to bake at a more reasonable hour. Your sticky buns look amazing!

PheMom said...

Mmmm... so pretty! Great job!

CB said...

The little KA pin thingy was 1/2way out of mine too but thankfully I noticed, pushed it back in and we were good to go. Yummy buns. Great job!
Clara @ I♥food4thought

Janna said...

These look great! It will be hard to pick a winner, I'm sure! Everyone's sticky buns look wonderful!

The Kitchen Vixen said...

I agree about the baking time. mine were actually done in about 20minutes as oppose to the 30

Anonymous said...

It is always interesting when random parts start coming out of (beloved) machinery. Those pre-cooked buns look so perfect and the cooked ones look delish.

Heather said...

so delicious looking! Great job!

steph- whisk/spoon said...

oh, that thing would always start popping out of my KA back in NYC. it's what lets the head tilt back. and if you pull it out, you can lift the head off (which i don't recommend). your buns look like they came out wonderfully...way to push thru KA!

Jayne said...

Beautiful job!

Carol Peterman said...

Impressive - baking at midnight! I caught my Kitchen Aid when it was about 1/4 inch from the edge of the counter. I don't remember, what I exclaimed when I turned and saw it about to jump, but it's probably good there aren't any children in my home.
My first batch was raw on the bottom and the second time I didn't use the silpat lined pan under the baking sheet and they were cooked all the way through.

Natalie said...

Ostwestwind: Love the KA, but it was doing it's best to self-destruct :D

Engineer Baker: I know! Thanks :)

Di: I thought about trying to put them back in to bake, but I wasn't brave enough - go you!

Jess: I wouldn't have known if they hadn't sunk - thanks!

Lemontartlet: I kept messing up which one I was working on :) Thanks!

Christine: Mine was smokin too, thanks!

Lyb: Thanks!

Andrea: Next time, I'm totally going with a half batch. Thanks!

Jules: Thanks!

BakersBakery: Tasty anytime! Pin, dohicky, thingamajig - hope yours is good.

April: :)

BumbleButton: Someone mentioned having their KA serviced - I should probably look into that, huh? :P

Mimi: Glad I wasn't the only one - yeah, usually I'm all over the late night thing. It's quiet and the goodies make it to work a little fresher!

Madam Chow: Thanks!

Karina: It's so tough to clean it up that late! Thanks!

Phemom: thanks!

CB: Sounds like it's a thing they do - glad we both caught it in time :)

Janna: Thanks! I always love seeing everyone's pictures! :)

The Kitchen Vixen: One of these days, I'll check my oven temp :)

BakingWithTheBoys: Thanks!

Heather: Thanks!

Steph - Whisk/Spoon: If it didn't lock in - I'd never be able to haul that thing around the kitchen!

Jayne: Thanks!

Carol Peterman: Oh, that's a good tip - thanks! I'll try without the silpat liner next time.

Linda said...

Sticky buns as a midnight snack...yummy!

The KA gods were with you, as that thingy looked like a key piece to your mixer! I've never bothered to inspect my mixer...now I'm going to be obessively looking it over every time I use it. :)

Beautiful results!

Garrett said...

My stand mixer started making some odd clicky noises after it finished stirring that brioche dough. I'll definitely be doing it by hand from now on, but I can't resist making the dough again. Very good looking buns! Even if they were undercooked :-P

Shari said...

We sure put our KAs through the paces this week. Thankfully, they'll get a rest with the brownies! Looks delicious!
Shari@Whisk: a food blog

Mevrouw Cupcake said...

Your pictures are great! My boyfriend took a picture of my staring off into space whilst leaning on my KA, so it wouldn't bounce off the counter while kneading the brioche dough...not a pretty sight, I tell you!

Jaime said...

they look great! i wonder if everyone had problems w/their KA from turning the speed up too high??