Thursday, October 9, 2008

Barefoot Bloggers: Butternut Squash Risotto


Recipe chosen by: Rachel of Rachel Likes to Cook
Link to Recipe: Butternut Squash Risotto

RisottoNext time, I spring for the Saffron. Don't get me wrong, this was awesome even without it. But I'll bet the saffron would have kicked it even further into the stratosphere.

I've wanted to try a butternut squash risotto for quite a while, but hadn't gotten around to it. Risotto is a pretty high maintenance dish to take a chance with, and the hubs isn't quite as enamored with squash as I am. Luckily for me, Rachel chose this recipe.

I made a few other shortcuts making the recipe. I used canned chicken broth (unfortunately, I forgot to get the low sodium one) and the already grated parmesan cheese. (Not the green can stuff - I went with the deli version.) I also used slightly more pancetta since the package was 3 ounces and had no use for the remainder. I think the combination of the extra pancetta and the full sodium broth made it a little too salty.

Risotto MosaicRisotto Mosaic 2

I'm not sure if it was the Contessa's recipe or the new arborio rice I used, but the texture of the risotto came out perfectly. I've had some trouble in the past with the rice not cooking completely. So all in all, this is a winner recipe. It's worth the time and effort - and roasting the squash only takes a few extra minutes since it cooks while you're putting the risotto together.

Honestly, the worst part about it was peeling the squash. That hard skin always gives me fits - I think I need a sharper knife. I'll be using that method of baking/roasting squash from now on though - it came out so tasty that I kept stealing chunks as I stirred the risotto.

A big thanks to Rachel for picking another great Barefoot Contessa recipe!


(Oh yeah, that picture? I just liked the way the green beans came out. The hubs is becoming a master of throwing together oriental green beans. Tasty and good for you!)


Kate said...

I have the exact same comments you do! The natural salt factor of the cheese, broth, bacon, pancetta, butter -- was plenty. I wouldn't add any salt next time at all. Plus, it was hard to resist eating those cubes of squash while I cooked the rice. Mine came out perfectly as well, and the Trader Joe's saffron was a great addition. Colorful!

Megan said...

I left out the saffron as well, because I didn't feel like spending $15 on it. But it looks great?

So, where's the recipe for the green beans?

chocolatechic said...

I didn't use saffron.

Yours looks so good.

Candy said...

I'm with you on the salt. I even took a pen and scratched it out so I remember. The saffron WAS well worth the splurge.

Sarah said...

I bit the bullet and purchased some saffron for this. Luckily we need it for the next recipe as well...that is the only way I can justify the purchase! Great job...I thought it was super yummy too!

Rebecca said...

I'm thinking about springing for the saffron next time, too. Loved this one! But I'm getting someone else to cube the squash next time. ;)

1freshstart said...

Oh, that looks awesome! I actually used cinnamon instead of saffron... and it was out of this world good. Is the recipe for those oriental beans on your site? Holy cow those look good! Take me to a Chinese buffet and I swear... I fill an entire plate of green beans with about 2 tablespoons of rice... that's it.

Summer said...

It looks delicious even without the saffron. Beautiful pictures!

Heather B said...

I agree on the salt. Mine was a tad too salty. Your pics look amazing!

Suzie said...

Mine was a bit on the salty side as well. Your beans look wonderful too - great photos of everything.

webbie said...

It looks great. I omitted the saffron too. I'll try it again with saffron after a visit to the Mexican market...Beautiful pictures.

Eri-chan said...

LOL, sounds like you were in the same situation I was (wanted to make it, didn't cuz your guy doesn't like squash...)

Yeah, I didn't add any salt to mine either - I thought the salt content was ok, but I also think I may have used rather less pancetta than the recipe called for... the stuff I bought as pretty potent.

Love your photos!