Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mine Mine Mine, All Mine!


I was one of the lucky folks chosen to get a free jar of McQuade's Celtic Chutney from Blake Makes. I'm having a very hard time with it though. My natural inclination is to horde it away for some rainy day. Putting it on the pantry shelf so I see it every time I open the door, and smiling in anticipation of what I'll do with it.

As it is, I've left it pretty much as you see it here: on my kitchen counter with the pamphlet it came with. Just sitting there mocking me whenever I'm in the kitchen. I know that I should be deciding when to serve the curried chicken salad that was my entry in the contest. But someone else brought up a goat cheese and chutney tart, and holey cow, doesn't that sound good?! Or served over the cheese with crackers? Or glazed on some grilled chicken? Or on a turkey sandwich? Or eaten straight out of the jar (this one is winning the votes whenever I'm in the kitchen)?

An enterprising cook would just do all of them, perhaps holding her own impromptu tasting menu for her unsuspecting spouse. Hmmm.... what kind of wine goes with fig and ginger?

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Anonymous said...

I vote for cheese. I like to do something sweet with honey goat cheese, and instead of crackers I use little shortbread cookies. Yum!