Tuesday, September 16, 2008

TWD: Chocolate Chunkers


Recipe chosen by: Claudia of Fool for Food
Link to TWD group: Tuesdays With Dorie homepage

Oy - anybody else tired of chocolate? :P (That's really not going to be the popular opinion, is it?)

No pictures and late post because I was out yesterday and just plain forgot it was Tuesday. (It's virtual Monday to me, man!)

These turned out to be easy to make, and easy to bake (no chilling for these guys - and I'd suggest lying out all your parchment paper and scooping all these bad boys as soon as possible). The first group was lovely and smooth, producing a very pretty cookie. Every other pan looked like doodie. Tasty mega-chocolate doodie, but doodie nonetheless.

The tasters thought they were awesome (even though only a few got a cookie right out of the oven - those were the best in my opinion). Most didn't mind the raisins and one thought they were a fantastic part of the cookie.

My final verdict? These would make a great Christmas cookie addition (providing I scoop them all at once when the chocolate base was still smooth) and a great change of pace cookie, but it's not going to be my tried and true standby.

Thanks for a fun recipe pick Claudia! (But a huge thanks coming up to Michelle and Mari for some non-chocolate, non-cookie picks!!)

TWD Chocolate Chunker Mosaic


Engineer Baker said...

This would be one expensive tried-and-true! Tasty doodie indeed :)

Pamela said...

I really liked them and plan on adding them to the Christmas Cookie list, too.

Lauren said...

I agree- great addition to the christmas collection- maybe with mint chips??

Carol Peterman said...

I am regretting not portioning out all the dough when I made it. What is in the fridge is rock hard.

Barbara said...

Yes, they were ugly but very wonderfully chocolate-y. Only my most loved ones would rate getting these cookies for Christmas!

Christine said...

These are so on my Christmas Cookie List (growing long!) Great job!

Mandy said...

My friend Allyson just made these cookies - MMMMmmm! I passed on an excellence award to you for your blog! You can see it on my blog. Enjoy!